Northbram Running Club

Pairs: 512

Raised: $1,024

Purpose: Pay for club membership dues

The Northbram Running Club literally ran past it's goal this year of collecting 400 pairs of shoes to recycle in it's annual Shoe Drive Fundraiser. It's the third consecutive year that they beat their previous PR.  Coach Thompson credits his team's success to their strong commitment and determination.


Grander JV Basketball

Pairs: 388

Raised: $776

Purpose: Money will be used to buy warm ups for next season

The Grander JV Basketball team will be able to apply their mantra of: “Look good, play good“ when they take the court next season. By hosting a ShoeGood Fundraiser, they were able to collect and recycle enough shoes to help pay for next season’s pregame warmup shirts. They made posters and encouraged other teams in their school to pitch in and donate their old athletic shoes. Thanks for the partnership boys, we wish you the best luck in your upcoming season!


Greenhill Middle School Soccer

Pairs: 463

Raised: $926

Purpose: Money will be used to pay entry fee to regional tournament

The kids on this team are overachievers both on and off the soccer field. Currently, they are in second place of their league with a 7-2 record and have qualified to participate in the end-of-season regional playoff tournament. To pay for fees and traveling, they collected and recycled shoes for the Shoe Good Fundraiser Program. We congratulate them and wish them luck in their upcoming matches!


Jennifer Justice

Pairs: 682

Raised: $1,364

Purpose: Money will be donated to the Free Wheelchair Mission

TJennifer is an avid runner and competes in many races year round. In addition to running for her health, she runs for causes. By talking to other race participants and friends in her running community, she collected 245 pairs of shoes for the Shoe Good Fundraiser Program! The money raised will pay her pledge to the Free Wheelchair Mission. Thanks Jennifer for being a great example!