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Help Others

Shoe Good

Raise Funds

Shoe Good uses the power of business to change the world.

We collect and sell shoes globally to raise funds for local initiatives.

Through our shoe distribution network, we’re a self-sustaining, triple-bottom-line company that creates social, economic and environmental value for everyone involved.


Fundraise for Your Organization

We work with teams, schools, charities and others.

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Triple Bottom Line

Shoe Good is among a unique and growing group of triple bottom line companies who understand that profit is not the only way to measure business success. People also matter. And so does the planet on which we all live.



We work endlessly to generate funds for as many local causes as possible and also donate to shoe charities.


While 300 million pairs of shoes end up landfills each year, we find second homes to keep your kicks treading.


We account for and support the long-term viability of our employees, customers, partners and environment.


It’s time to do good with your shoes



Cash for Kicks

We pay generously for each pair of shoes you recycle and can have a check issued just days after receiving them.

Fundraise for Teams

We offer a simple and proven way for organizations of all types to raise funds without relying on sales.

Individualized Incentives

In addition to paying teams, we offer bonuses for individuals that excel in collecting shoes.


Helpful Support Team

Enjoy working with a dedicated account manager to ensure your shoe-drive is a success.

Simple Process

Our approach is basic: Collect, send, process and pay. No fine print, just simple, reliable business.

Marketing Assistance

We have optional materials available to ensure that your drive gets noticed and looks professional.


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Working on something BIG! Trying to partner with Marriott Hotels to help the Childrens Miracle Network. Stay tuned for details...
We are up and live!

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